Sheriff Speaks Soundly

Americans have the right to defend themselves.

The BBC reports of a man who took a concealed shotgun into a church and started shooting during a children's program.

We at Scragged have always believed that the only possible way for citizens to be protected against such unpredictable acts of violence is for citizens to protect themselves.  It is simply not possible to hire enough police officers to protect every vulnerable point in our society.

Finally, a professional law-enforcement officer has re-learned the lessons of history and is offering people who live under his jurisdiction a chance to protect themselves.  In an article entitled "Tennessee Sheriff Creating 'Special Church Deputies'", Police Link reports on a press release from the Bradley County Sheriff's Office:

President Teddy Roosevelt said, "If I must choose between righteousness and peace, I choose righteousness."

As sheriff, I take my duty of protecting the citizens of our community to heart. As a man of faith, I am especially sensitive to any action that diminishes one's ability to worship in freedom without fear of any aggressor.

Therefore, in light of increased incidents of violence perpetrated against churches across the nation, I am using the powers of my office to establish the BCSO Special Deputy Church Protection Program for Bradley County. I am doing so to enhance a church's ability to protect and defend the sanctity of their worship against armed intrusion and/or attack on church premises prior to the arrival of full-time law enforcement upon the scene. [emphasis added]

Note how carefully Sheriff Tim Goble has considered the problem.  He said that these special deputies would take action "prior to the arrival of full-time law enforcement upon the scene."  The Sheriff knows how long it takes for his people to arrive and he's realized that someone should be there to take action before the official agents are able to respond.  As the bumper sticker says, "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

Note also that he's not going to authorize just anybody, he wants his special deputies to undergo training along with periodic qualification:

Special deputies working in the BCSO Special Deputy Church Protection Program must meet all the same minimum qualifications as a full-time deputy sheriff, but are not required to attend a police academy. They must successfully complete a background investigation and required training hours each year to maintain their appointment.

Toward the end of his release, he makes the crucial point:

I believe in the right of the innocent to defend themselves. That is why I am giving area churches this opportunity.

This law officer understands the realities of dealing with evil which can strike at any time, at any place, and inflict great harm on innocent people.  Let's hope that many churches take the opportunity he offers.

What's more, even the opposing comments written in response to the Police Link article are revealing.  Consider this one:

I would think that there is a far greater incidence of crime and violence perpetrated against Quickie Marts in his fair county. Maybe he should create a "Special Deputy Quickie Mart Protection Program" to more fully protect these businesses...

Why, yes indeed.  Our Founders foresaw the need of Americans to defend themselves, whether attending church, shopping at their local Quickie Mart or while doing anything else, and provided us with the liberties of the Second Amendment.  It's great to see a sworn law-enforcement officer understanding this simple idea, at least in principle.  It will be interesting to see how it works out in practice and what the media say about it.

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Reader Comments
With the studied 'LACK' of protection by the combined police forces of the CITIZENS of this FAIR LAND...I DEFINITELY THINK THAT 'SPECIAL' DEPUTIES should be armed and ready to protect themselves and others when lawlessness and 'lack of enforcement' of the law mainfests itself.
August 8, 2008 10:19 AM
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