The Great Disconnect 8 - Democrats and "Our Democracy"

The Democrats' "Our Democracy" is not what we have, want, need, or built the country around.

For several generations, America has been associated with the word "democracy" - from being the Great Arsenal of Democracy in the World Wars, to any number of presidential speeches in contrast to Communist dictatorships.

More recently, we've seen a new construction.  Democrats keep saying that this Republican proposal or that SCOTUS ruling threatens "Our Democracy."  But, we aren't (yet) a communist dictatorship; we do have elections, and we don't have secret police preventing people from voting.  What possible threats to "our democracy" could they mean?

The answer is Orwellian: To leftist talking heads, "our democracy" means that they win by hook or by crook and govern unopposed regardless of the voters' wishes.  In the most literal sense, they're referring to "our" democracy, as in, theirs, not yours.

As most Scragged readers know, our Founders were careful to give us a republic instead of a democracy.  They knew that no democracy survives once the electorate finds they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury.  They didn't explicitly discuss what would happen when one party discovers that they can vote benefits for their own voters out of the public treasury at the predominant expense of those who support their opponents, but they surely would have understood and decried the concept.

The unprecedented gusher of vote-buying money printed by the Biden administration is undermining our currency, raising prices, and making it hard for businesses to find workers because so many prefer to stay unemployed with Uncle Sugar picking up the tab.  The "Build Back Better" legislation proposed to create unprecedented public benefits which, like Obamacare, may cost Democrats legislative seats in the short term but which would be hard to roll back in the future.

Inflation has become so bad that an article titled, "For Americans Shocked by Inflation, Argentines Have Some Advice" was written by Bloomberg reporters Patrick Gillespie and Ignacio Olivera Doll which included the suggestion that Americans spend their paycheck right away and borrow more while they can. Destroying our money furthers the leftist goal of maximizing the number of subjects who depend on government, as opposed to being independent citizens who prefer to earn their own money and make their own decisions.

The Founders also feared the "tyranny of the majority" and limited the power of the Federal government precisely because governments can so easy stomp on human rights.  We see this with the FBI putting pressure on parents who object to CRT being taught in the schools they support with their taxes.

Weaponizing the FBI, the IRS, and other government agencies which should be apolitical is an outcome of Democrats winning the presidency.  To the extent that Democrats actually won these elections legitimately, this is the democratic outcome - as Mr. Obama put it, "Elections have consequences."

The IRS, the FBI, and other agencies are trampling the rights of conservatives who were in the legislative minority at the time these abuses started.  We hope that these abuses by the then-majority will be rolled back by the Supreme Court in due season, but nobody doubts that they are following the will of Joe Biden.  If you think he holds office rightfully, then it's perfectly democratic - and also, perfectly unAmerican and wrong.

For two years now, power-mad Democrats have used the covid scamdemic to justify all kinds of dubious executive orders.  When SCOTUS ruled out that the CDC did not have authority to order landlords not to evict tenants who weren't paying rent and another court blocked the vaccine mandate, Mr. Biden told everyone to abide by his anti-Constitutional mandates anyway.

This is precisely the sort of autocratic decree based on the thinnest of possible majorities which our Founders feared.  When Democrats say that this or that court decision will end "Our Democracy," they speak truth, but "their democracy" is certainly not "Our Democracy" as we understand it.  "Their democracy" allows them to trample any rights which they find inconvenient based on a 50% + 1 vote "mandate" as opposed to the broader consensus which the Senate filibuster requires.

We can see this in reverse-logic statements, like the opprobrium heaped on Democrat Sens. Manchin and Sinema for opposing the far-left agenda of ruling Democrats.  They've been accused, sure enough, of disrespecting and disobeying "Our Democracy."  But a moment's though reveals that to be not merely a lie, but completely wrongheaded: Senators Manchin and Sinema, in joining with the entirety of the Republican Senators, become the majority.  Insofar as he wants to ram his agenda through anyway, it is Joe Biden that is anti-democratic - but nobody cares.

Our Founders' Four Boxes

The Constitution gives us 4 boxes to ensure our freedom - the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the bullet box.  Democrats seek to undermine our fundamental rights by any means possible regardless of the Constitution.  They're stealing the soap box where we present our views by censoring and de-platforming anyone who speaks of ideas they do not like.  They stole the ballot box in 2020 and are working on perfecting better methods to overcome their stunning lack of popularity for 2022.

What about the jury box?  Kyle Rittenhouse and the McCloskeys should never have been charged with crimes based on exercising their fundamental rights of self-defense - we've explained how the process is the punishment.  These people, based simply on exercising that most fundamental, human, and Constitutional right to self-defense, were subject to repeated bogus charges funded by the bottomless taxpayer coffers while having to raise every dime needed to defend themselves.

The Democrats were obviously trying to teach Americans a lesson that it doesn't pay to defend yourself against Democrat-approved lynch mobs.  Fortunately, those attempts failed, but that is barely slowing them down: they're now enlisting their armies of sympathizers to sue those who exercise their Second Amendment rights.  One hopes that, once again, the courts will put a stop to this, but vast sums will be needed by only the right side, whereas the left's cause will be paid for by taxpayers as always.

Democrats defunded cops and elected "equity justice" prosecutors so that their pet antifa and BLM goons would feel free to riot.  Jurors and judges know that antifa will picket them if they displease the Democrats.

They use their armies of goons, to which laws do not apply, to threaten jurors and judges to steal the jury box.  They are trying either to confiscate the bullet box or show that we'll go to jail if we defend ourselves. They can't get the total power they want against armed citizens, so they're trying to disarm us by confiscating guns, making ammunition unavailable, and by jailing anyone who defends against the marauders they encourage.

This is pure evil.  The recent high school kids were victims of Democrat-created victim disarmament zones.  Parents have filed a lawsuit accusing the school administration of destroying evidence of their carelessness in failing to involve the police when the shooter showed many signs of the coming massacre.

"The individually named Defendants are each responsible through their actions for making the student victims less safe," the lawsuit states. "The Oxford High School students, and Plaintiffs in particular, would have been safer had the Individual Defendants not taken the actions they did."

A good guy tried to save others, but he'd been disarmed and was killed.  Why shouldn't teachers who are licensed to carry be armed in schools?  Mass shooters may or may not be crazy, but they're smart enough to go after unarmed victims.

Hunting season has started all over the Northeast.  There are literally millions of armed hunters tromping around the woods, and not one mass shooting - those happen in Democrat-disarmed places, not in places where armed men and women can freely shoot back regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin.

Same for looting.  If security guards in retail establishments started shooting thieves, it would stop rapidly.

"Their democracy" is utterly unlike democracy as we know and love it.

But, as important as is our true democracy - or, more accurately put, our republic - there are truths even more fundamental and essential, which go under the rubric of religion.  In our next article in this series, we'll examine the efforts of the American left to destroy those too, with profoundly disastrous results.

Will Offensicht is a staff writer for and an internationally published author by a different name.  Read other articles by Will Offensicht or other articles on Partisanship.
Reader Comments

The people and corporations behind the curtain control the "drug" delivery system (television and internet) which feeds us poison all day, every day. Consuming the poison creates a constant state of uncertainty and unsettledness in us..and everyday we willingly hook ourselves up to the drug delivery machine to get our dose of poison. Turn on any cable news station, Fox or Newsmax included, and watch and listen and in only a few minutes, the mind will react with either offensive or defensive thoughts and feelings. But there's never a resolution to anything that comes out of the tv. Never..only more negativity. A constant state of dread becomes the norm, with no hope of relief. So we listen more, and search more.for the savior, who never appears.

This has been played out 100's of times across history. The wealthy, self proclaimed "elite", along with the over-educated class, all of whom having never actually worked a day in their lives, who buy and own the political class outright, and who have decided they know best how to organize and manage all humanity and life across the entire globe. Unfortunately, it's here and sadly I think, here to stay. Ground lost will never be retaken. The cycle will eventually, after usually great suffering and loss, come full circle.

The historic problem with this current "great reset" attempt, the elephant in the room, is God. Our country's Founders knew this when they said freedom is a God given right of all men. They didn't add the reference to "God and inalienable rights" because it sounded good. They knew this to be true from DIRECT EXPERIENCE. Meaning - God is already there, in each of us, whether you believe it, know it, feel it, are in contact with it, or not. If you are breathing, God is there. And no matter how much koolaid one might drink, and believe when they tell you "day is night, and night is day", the poison cannot remove the entity that is causing and allowing this body to breath and the heart to pump, and along with that, the desire to be free.

The puppet masters are betting on us continuing to hook ourselves up to the drug delivery system daily and continuing to consume the poison contained in the words and images flowing forth, nonstop, all day, every day.

How to live this one life I've been given is the question. This question is not dependent on anything that's happening, or not happening. I'm becoming more and more conscious of what I am exposing myself to and what I am consuming. I've realized that 90% or more is meaningless rhetoric designed to make me or keep me unsettled, but otherwise posing absolutely no threat at all, only the mind won't see it like that. And I really don't need to know most or all of anything any news channel is saying at any given time. If the Russians or Chinese are across the river in Philadelphia heading towards where I live, I'll find out soon enough without watching tv. And frankly, there's nothing I could do to prevent anything.

What I'm getting at is 90% or more of what the talking heads say is not actually happening nor does it in any way directly impact me other than to cause unsettledness. And anything that could affect me, I can do nothing to change or prevent. "Accept the things I cannot change, have the courage to change the things I can, and have the wisdom to know the difference".
As well as remembering and embracing that- "This too, shall pass".

We're all addicted to the poison and "they" know it. And like any other addict, while feeding our addiction, life stops, joy is absent, and we wait.

I've had enough. I'm moving forward conscious of what I am choosing to expose my mind and soul to. When I expose it to the light, it/I become light. When I expose it to the darkness, darkness permeates every facet of my life. I choose the light!

I'm grateful to Scragged for being here and allowing me to speak openly and freely. There's a huge difference between the poison-machine and the truth which is shared on this site.

February 7, 2022 2:58 PM
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