The Masked Tyrant Stands Unmasked

Joe Biden's attempted tyranny is now plain and open.

If there is one striking characteristic of the times in which we live, it can be best described by the words of the Apostle Luke in his Gospel:

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

We've long known that Hollywood is a den of iniquity, but for nearly a century its PR handlers have managed to maintain a glossy sheen of innocence and wholesome family-friendliness.  Recently we've seen their evils revealed as major stars find themselves under court scrutiny or assailed by other stars for gross malfeasance.  Thus, when the glitterati presume to lecture us normals on morality, most of the country responds with guffaws of derision, as can be seen in the plummeting ratings of awards shows.

Similarly, the Democrat party stands revealed once again as the racists they've always been: how else, exactly, can you accuse a literally black man of running for office on a platform of white supremacy?  Are the solons of the LA Times unaware of the dictionary definition of the word "governor?"  Mr. Elder ran, alas unsuccessfully, for governor of the State of California; if he had been elected, he intended to, well, govern, which, our thesaurus tells us, makes him supreme, or close to it.

Had he become governor, he would have been the epitome of black supremacy, being both black and supreme, at least in the land of the fruits and the nuts.  Thanks to this sort of self-beclowning lunacy, it is no longer possible to take media accusations of "racism" for anything but the ludicrous cant that they've been for years.

But no phony liar stands more clearly revealed than does Joe Biden, the supposed unifier who we now know to be anything but.  It's taken us a few days for our blood pressure meds to kick in, but in all of American history, there never was a more blatantly anti-American and anti-Presidential speech than his recent imperial command that all be vaccinated forthwith.

First: we are not arguing over the merits or potential lack thereof of the "vaccine."  We welcome any new medical treatments; at the same time, human frailty being what it is, we recognize that not all such treatments will be without danger, accident, or innocent victims.  That's why it's so vitally important that each individual person be fully informed of the risks and be empowered to make their own decision as to what treatments they, themselves, personally, wish to receive in their own body or those of their minor children.  This is called "informed consent," and it has been a foundational principle of medical practice since long before the Nazis so gruesomely violated it.

Until now!  Your consent is no longer relevant; all that matters is that the patience of His Imperial Highness Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., Almighty Emperor of the Universe and All Within It, has run out.

Kiss Your Ring?  No, Kiss My...

Words fail us to adequately describe how profoundly wrong this is in every possible way, nor to describe the depths of contempt that every single American should have for any toad who would have the sheer unmitigated gall as to utter such a command.  He has not the slightest shred of authority to do this - not legal, not moral, not historical, and given the vast numbers of fully-vaccinated people nevertheless thronging hospitals with cases of covid, not even scientific.

No matter - per our media and business mandarins, so let it be written, so let it be done!

Or... not.  The plain fact is, if they can force this on the American people, there is quite literally nothing they cannot force on the sheeple.  Is there anything more intrusive than forcing you to take onboard a bioactive chemical of uncertain provenance, unknown function, and unknowable future effects, merely on the say-so of known and abundantly proven liars?

Half of America has serious questions about the 2020 elections, but such concerns are now merely academic: whether or not Joe Biden was duly elected president a few months ago, he has disqualified himself in a way not even Richard Nixon did.  Far from preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution, this order, if honored or even acknowledged, would once and for all declare our founding documents a dead letter with no real-world weight whatsoever.

Which is why we are actually grateful for Mr. Biden's diktat.  In no way is this substantively different from how the Democrats have long treated our Constitution and the rights it enumerates, but never before have they been so blatant, so in-your-face, and most of all, so unavoidable or unignorable combined with being ineffective.

Consider the simple fact that, at the exact same time he is commanding hundreds of millions of presumptively free American citizens to ingest a new experimental vaccine, he is also permitting millions of foreigners to enter our country uncounted, uninspected, illegally, and most of all, unvaccinated.  Indeed, 30% of those who were arrested - a tiny fraction of the whole - simply refused the vaccine when offered it, and were sent on their infections way.

What is more, the Biden regime is using your tax dollars to intentionally spread these infected invaders as widely as possible throughout the country.

Now, there are only two possibilities here.

First: it is possible that the Biden administration knows that covid has a survival rate in the U.S. of over 98%, and thus, is not truly "the end of the world" as it's been advertised.  So, they may very well consider the risk of illegal aliens spreading covid to be so small as to be of no concern compared to the large, well-documented benefits of importing millions of Democrat client voters for the next three generations.  Of course, if this is their reasoning, then the entire covid regime stands revealed as the profoundest fraud of modern history and everyone involved in it needs to be tried, imprisoned, and potentially executed for gross crimes against humanity.

Or, it's possible that the Biden administration actually believes their own lies about the virus, and are using infected illegals as a proxy to punish, or even eliminate, those who refuse them the obeisance of the Fauci ouchie.  They may be thinking that their people already have the vaccine and won't be affected, whereas their enemies are more likely to be refuseniks and thus come to a quicker end.  If this is their plan, then, all the more are they committed crimes against humanity - namely, intentional germ warfare against domestic opponents - and should be subjected to the same harsh legal penalties forthwith.

Are there any other logical possibilities?  Don't say "incompetence" - mere incompetence is no explanation for not even trying to forcibly vaccinate illegals as they are attempting with citizens.

No, after due deliberation, we simply cannot perceive any other rationale for their actions but straight-up Evil Most Foul, deserving of the ultimate punishment.

Can you?  And if you can't... what are you going to do about it?  To borrow a phrase from Nancy Reagan, "Just say 'No!'" to someone trying to force drugs on you.

Petrarch is a contributing editor for Scragged.  Read other articles by Petrarch or other articles on Law.
Reader Comments

The choice in elections from now on is a choice between the rule of law and the rule of "experts." Democrats are an anti-constitution party. They want to transition from the rule of law to the rule of "experts." Democrats think government by "expert" bureaucrats is superior to government by the consent of the governed. Democrats think the people are too stupid and ignorant to give informed consent to be governed.

It's time to stop being polite about this. Democrats are not in favor of democracy or the rule of law. Democrats want the rule of "experts," unlimited by any Constitution or rule of law.

The implication of the rule of "experts" is simple. "Experts" change their minds constantly. The rule of "experts" is chaotic. Remember, Harry Truman famously wanted to hire a one handed economist.

The rule of law is far more stable, and provides the business environment that entrepreneurs need to invest.

Democrats want to debate policy, not process, because they want to destroy Constitutional and legal processes. Policy debates are like a magician's misdirection. While you're debating policy, Democrats are destroying the Constitution and the rule of law with the hand you're not watching.

Republicans should put the question to people directly. Do you want a Constitution and the rule of law, or the rule of "experts?" That's the choice you're making.

September 17, 2021 5:36 PM

I agree, evil most foul.

We are witnessing implementation of a coordinated attack on our country, our laws, our freedoms and our collective voice, and the rise to power of Marxist revolutionaries hellbent on our destruction. Notice I didn't say "our country". Once they destroy us, there is no "our country" left.

Of course, we will want to believe that "someone will stop this madness" before it goes to far, right?
Wrong. The Aussies are already rioting in the streets

This video of Australians literally pushing back, maybe coming to a town near you.

The alternative is submission and compliance.
And as anyone who's ever been bullied knows, and history tells us when a people or country submits to tyrants demands, that their submission is always met with more demands and more compliance and lots and lots of death.

September 19, 2021 12:21 PM

Re: Douglas Proudfoor, 17 September.

Unfortunately, the Democrats have had decades to dumb down an uncomfortable percentage of people to be both stupid and ignorant, and thus, truly incapable of making an informed choice.

September 20, 2021 3:40 AM

in case anybody is interested, "rule by expert" is what the fascists in italy and germany practiced, and is what today's PRC practices. it is also the form of government the nazicrats have been imposing on the US for the past century or so (ever since woodrow wilson, the most racist president in our history, and arguably the most treasonous president ever). fascism is from the left; most of its leaders in the early 20th century were *revolutionary* socialists (to the *left* of communists) or *revolutionary* syndicalists (unionists). those who were from the right were often like ribbentrop, who married money and joined the nazis because it was first of all safe, but also a stepping-stone to power. we see much the same behavior today among the corporate "elites" here in the US, who virtue-signal to protect themselves and their corporations; the power-hungry among them will soon learn to seek power, but the hard-core left will view them with disdain, much as the "old-fighter" nazis hated ribbentrop and his ilk. in the end, that type will either bend all the way to the left, or be killed by the hard-core left.

in the end, leftists are like all who seek power at any price: they will adapt their tactics to the situation, and will call their ideology whatever they please. hard-core leftist thought leaders infecting university campuses may believe in marxism and call themselves marxists, but they will settle for fascism (rule by "expert") so long as it lets them kill whomever they want.

September 25, 2021 4:14 PM
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